BROKEN PROMISES Your debtor has made payment promises with no funds received.

DEBTOR REQUESTING DOCUMENTATIONAfter mailing routine statements and invoices, your debtor claims the invoice was never received and it must be continuously resent.

SUDDEN DISPUTERandomly there is an issue with the invoice, product or service.

EMPLOYEES SCREENING CALLSWhen you make contact and your immediately transferred to a voicemail or the person you need to speak with is continuously away or busy.  

DEBTOR EVADING – Your debtor is not returning calls, messages, letters or e-mails.

NO CONTACT INFORMATIONYour debtors telephone numbers are no longer in service.

NO LOCATION INFORMATIONYou have mailed invoices that could not be delivered, due to mail return. This may also include undeliverable debtor e-mails.

RETURNED CHECK/CLOSED BANK ACCOUNT  A deposited debtor payment by check has now been returned as NSF, stopped payment or account closed.

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For our Commercial Clients, our recommendation is that you receive the proper name for a company, as well as operating trade names. Contact names for general contacts as well as management are very important. We also recommend you obtain e-mails and contact information for every contact. A credit application is also suggested before extending credit.

For our Retail Clients, receiving the most information as possible is the answer. We suggest obtaining social security numbers, date of birth, location information, contact information (home, cell & place of employment), email addresses, emergency contacts and references.

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